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Electric linear actuators for the recycling industry

  • Electric linear actuators for the recycling industry

    Electric linear actuators for the recycling industry

    MecVel selection of electric linear actuators for the recycling industry

    Recycling is becoming more and more important as the circular economy model has gained a worldwide attention. In this scenario, MecVel has decided to develop a range of electric linear actuators able to fulfil the motion requests of this industrial field.
    The company has always been on the side of environmental sustainability, as shown by participating to the next editions of international exhibitions as Ecomondo and EIMA. This will be the occasion to present 100% green solutions for waste and recycling industries, for the renewable energy field, but also for agriculture, zootechnics and livestock industry.
    Electric linear actuators have no environmental impact when compared to hydraulic or pneumatic ones, being the most suitable solution for linear movements to be performed in recycling plants, electric road sweepers and street washers, solar trackers, wind turbines or in the hydroelectric field.
    The electric linear actuator works with a clean technology, relying only on electricity for functioning, so MecVel products avoid typical problems of hydraulic and pneumatic systems as contaminants leaks, variations in the oil flow or in the air pressure, in compliance with industry 4.0 concepts of energy efficiency and sustainable production. This ensures also great performances, with accurate positioning and high level of control.

    Electric linear actuators for waste treatment

    Electric linear actuators have up to 20 tons load capacity, they are small in dimensions and operate precise, fast and reliable movements: these are ideal features for applications in the waste treatment industry, to maximize the performance in the recycling process.
    Moreover, MecVel customization service allows to configure each product to tailor it according to the machine or the application to which it is intended, meeting any technical specification.

    Waste compactors and dumpsters, electric road sweepers and street washers

    The most common uses of electric linear actuators in the waste treatment industry are:
    Provide the right push to reduce the waste volume inside the industrial waste compactor, and move the compacted waste from the load cell, in order to clear the platform for the following cycle/process. This leads to an advantage also from the logistic point of view: lower volumes allow to handle a bigger quantity of waste
    Automate the opening/closing of dumpsters and containers’ lids and doors, and also operate their filling/emptying. In this way the operator has only a control function, relieving him from the heaviest work
    Regulate the height of the conveyor belt, according to the material processed during waste filtering and sorting
    Manage orientation and positioning of cleaning devices mounted on electric road sweepers and street washer

    Electric linear actuators for renewable energy

    The handling of an important resource as water is fundamental, and this leads to research automated solutions able to optimize some processes.
    As electric linear actuators are very resistant and can work in environments with high humidity and salinity, they can be applied in these industrial fields:
    Water treatment, in particular in trash rack cleaners, for the handling of devices used for rivers cleaning, to remove the debris that can depositate obstructing the flow
    Water flow regulation, opening/closing bulkheads and sluices of hydroelectric basins and dams, controlling consequently the correct turbines functioning
    MecVel products can be used also in the wind industry, to control the rotation speed of the turbines, intervening when the wind threshold limit is crossed, by disconnecting the turbine and avoid damages to the whole structure.
    For the photovoltaic field, the company has developed tailored solutions for single and dual axis solar trackers, as they are the most efficient systems (+50% if compared to a fixed photovoltaic plant). Electric linear actuators tilt and roll solar panels maintaining the surface perpendicular to sun rays, maximizing the energy conversion process.
    MecVel products are totally versatile and can satisfy a wide range of applications in different industrial fields, keeping a low environmental impact in an effective and sustainable way, while increasing the automation level of the system requiring the linear motion.

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