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We always take care of you, thanks to our linear actuators

MecVel produces 100% Made in Italy Linear Actuators with a wide range of Alternate Current and Direct Current products, constantly updated according to market requests, designed and customized in order to meet each customer need.

By virtue of years of experience and technical knowledge MecVel is able to offer complete solutions for all sorts of applications, also thanks to the important role of the new technologies applied.
The company provides Linear Actuators in the entire world, and guarantees the highest quality for the customers, with the fastest delivery times.

MecVel in fact follows the entire process, starting from a specific need, through planning and designing, till shipment and installation in the designed place.

Linear Actuators, in details, are electromechanical devices that convert the rotatory motion of a motor into a linear movement, allowing lifting, adjusting, rotating of any load simply through a button: the motor starts to move a threaded stem on which runs a nut. The nut, linked to the rotation, produces the linear movement of this stem. Depending on the kind of construction and the drive and control system, actuators can work as on/off devices, in push and pull, or as servomechanisms. Compared to pneumatic and hydraulic systems, they allow arrests in intermediate positions and avoid pumps, valves and pipes, excluding also the risk of contamination of products and workplaces due to oil leaks. To choose an actuator correctly, according to the kind of application required, are necessary some information such as:

- Length of the stroke: the useful linear excursion the actuator must have
- Power supply: single-phase, three-phase, DC, AC, 12V, 24V
- Force: the weight to be moved, and consequently the force the actuator must apply to make possible the required movement
- Speed: of the handling, so the time required to the actuator to complete the stroke
- Control: the use of limit switches, potentiometer or encoder is fundamental to set the actuator in order to provide a feedback to the operator regarding the resistance, the handling, the movement accuracy and precision during the process

Efficient, powerful but silent, actuators ensure a long life of the application.

To remember again also the customization service provided by MecVel, reflected in the possibility to configure any actuator according to the specific application needs. It is simply required to establish force, speed and stroke desired to get the product and the most appropriate solution to meet any handling request. In fact, only the features of the application determine the choice of the right product. For these reasons for examples on woodworking machinery won’t be used exclusively ALI3 or screw jacks, as well as, for example, the ALI4 MecVel linear actuator can be perfectly applied for the handling of a radar or of a packaging machine.

For each kind of machining, in fact, there is the perfect actuator! Some examples?

Regarding height and angle adjustment of saw blades according to the worktable, the main solution proposed by MecVel provides the use of actuators, as they make possible the choice of the optimal cutting position according to the different features of each piece of wood worked by the machine.

Applied to the saw itself, in fact, they allow to raise or to reduce the height depending on the profile or the thickness of the piece of wood to be cut, but also to perform oblique cutting, even in this case orienting the saw positioned above or below the worktable. The aim remains to get a clean cut, minimizing the manual intervention of operators.

In the medical branch instead, the cleaning of tools is essential, and it is fundamental that this process occurs quickly and in line with international standards of hygiene. Therefore the machines dedicated to this have to be watertight, to prevent the leak of materials that can compromise the operation or be dangerous for operators, such as detergents, disinfectants and vapors. This is made possible by a special actuator installed in the opening/closing system, able to solve all the problems of speed and stability, being programmed so that, with the door closed, it is ensured the irreversibility of the movement, and consequently the maintenance of the established position. This, and much more: for example actuators can find a perfect place also in the handling of X-ray equipment, allowing the operator to capture the necessary images with extremely high precision.

In the aeronautical branch, during the take-off or the landing, it is important to know if the landing gear is properly opened or closed, as a malfunction in the system, due to the corrosion by the saline mist, could expose the pilot to unsafe landings. For this kind of application MecVel has studied a special actuator able to resist to corrosion, with a particular coating that makes it isolated and watertight, able to give a feedback to the operator and with a safety system for manual opening in case of absence of current.

Then, during the awaited vacation on the white snow, the perfect landscape and the best quality of tracks are guaranteed also thanks to the use of actuators for the snow blowing. These products, in fact, avoid the freezing problem of the lubricant, and support the weight of the snow machine, allowing a considerable saving in terms of energy. Moreover the installation is a simple operation that requires a little maintenance, reducing time and costs regarding the production of artificial snow.

The possibilities are endless also for different kind of agricultural, food, industrial and mechanical machining, steel industry, photovoltaic industry for the handling of solar panels and concentrators, in theater, transport and naval branches, as well as nuclear and medical branches, for examples from incubators to stair lifts and surgery tables.