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MecVel…flies high!

  • MecVel…flies high!

    MecVel…flies high!

    If it’s true that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer…you have to enjoy every single moment of it, from the beginning to the end.


    In the aeronautical branch, during the take-off or the landing, it is important to know if the landing gear is properly opened or closed, as a malfunction in the system, due to the corrosion by the saline mist, could expose the pilot to unsafe landings.
    The most common problems related to this kind of systems, in case of hydraulic cylinders, are:


    • A particularly complex mounting, because of the limited space available

    • Oil leaks

    • Stroke-end system exposed to corrosion by the saline mist

    • High cost of materials and long assembly time

    For this kind of application MecVel has studied and realized a special actuator able to give a feedback to the operator and with a safety system for manual opening in case of absence of current, that can also defeat the corrosion, thanks to a special and particular protective coating that makes each actuator isolated and watertight: a complete formulation able to resist to the exposure to the most aggressive agents, but also an optimal solution regarding the protection of products involved in the toughest environments, with the aim to extend the life of the application, and preserve all the elements part of it.
    Moreover the installation of an electric linear actuator is definitely much more easy and fast, compared to a system with hydraulic cylinders, so it allows containing considerably the assembly costs.


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