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MecVel signs the “Sliding Doors” remake

  • MecVel signs the “Sliding Doors” remake

    MecVel signs the “Sliding Doors” remake

    Just 3 tips to choose MecVel solutions for opening doors and shading systems

    • Design trough light control
    • Energy efficiency and health
    • Safety (in particular industrial environments)
    MecVel opening doors and shading systems provide world-class engineering, versatility and functionality, together with high performance.
    Combinable with all sorts of flaps, these systems can be realized with a wide range of linear actuators, usually equipped with different kind of limit switches and stroke control devices (encoder or potentiometer).
    Mainly dedicated to wide windows and sliding doors, these systems allow both horizontal and vertical orientation of flaps.
    Design trough light control
    Don’t underestimate the value of visual comfort and personal control: decide to preserve the privacy or let the natural light flow into the room, just setting the degree of opacity/light desired, and MecVel linear actuators will act on sheers, shades, shutters, blinds or doors in order to satisfy your requests. Discover how it’s easy build an innovative and comfortable environment shaped by one of the main and natural elements, using your creativity and furnishing with style, also thanks to our products.
    Energy efficiency and health
    Avoid useless heating or cooling, and energy leakages, through doors and windows with one of the sun protection and control system provided by MecVel: set it to lock the cold outside during winter, or to avoid the UV radiation during summer. This shading system allows also managing how much daylight falls on the workspace, for example eliminating unwanted glare and reflection from PC screens. This is one of the best solution to improve productivity and gain in terms of thermal comfort, in addition to energy saving. MecVel uses these kinds of systems also in hospitals, to allow patients to benefit of natural light, or protect them when needed.
    Regarding in particular opening doors or gates systems, MecVel has developed a solution for special conditions and particular environments, such as the opening of industrial doors or the nuclear field, where are required: high security systems of opening/closing doors or gates, but also the locking of doors or gates, together with high speed and precision.

    Find out how we develop innovative and sophisticated solutions that meet the aesthetic and performance requirements for any project!
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