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MecVel Snow Line

  • MecVel Snow Line

    MecVel Snow Line

    MecVel electric linear actuators: technological solutions for automation in winter sports and rope-hauled transportation systems

    Since 1987 MecVel plays a key-role in the automation field, and its core business is the design and the production of electric linear actuators. These devices transform the rotatory motion of a motor into a push or pull movement for loads up to 20 tons.
    MecVel linear actuators offer:
    • High precision in positioning, also in case of frequent repetition
    • Excellent levels of safety thanks to optional devices for feedback and control as limit switches, encoder and potentiometer
    • Possibility of full customization: this service has the purpose to tailor each product in its technical parts on customer needs
    • Plug and play installation and remote control, matchable with the latest electronic devices
    • Green technology as per industry 4.0 concepts of energetic efficiency and sustainable industrial production
    Electric systems, unlike hydraulic and pneumatic ones, do not have particular use restrictions and performances are not influenced by:
    • Variations in the level of oil flow or air pressure
    • Contaminants leaks
    • Large size components that require intensive maintenance
    These are the handlings performed by MecVel electromechanical devices and the solutions proposed by these technologies:
    • Ski lifts and rope-hauled transportation systems: operation of switching the cabin on a secondary rail for maintenance or storage. The electric linear actuator allows to automate the separation of the cabin from the main rail, to move it on a secondary one and transport it in the area dedicated to maintenance or technical operations, as well as the storage during the closure time of the ski lift or the rope-hauled transportation system, to preserve it from harsh climatic conditions
    • Ski resorts: operation of opening and closing access doors and tilt blinds of the entire ski resort. Biggest sizes of MecVel range are the most suitable for these heavy handlings
    MecVel combines its products with a series of optional that make them safe and reliable even with particular climatic conditions as low temperatures, snow and rain:
    • Protective coating with corrosion class C5-M. These electric linear actuators are usually also painted with bright colours in order to be visible mostly in case of outdoor applications with particular sight conditions: for example, when it snows a lot, or they’re partially covered by the snow
    • Ice scrapers, heaters, protective external cover tubes and special lubricants are the options developed to face low temperature (also up to -40° C) keeping constant the efficiency of the electric linear actuator
    MecVel electromechanical devices automate these handlings, increasing at the same time the efficiency and the technological level of the whole plant, but also its reliability. Its functionality, in fact, is ensured even with harsh climatic conditions and independently from the manual intervention of operators.
    To know more download the PDF flyer!

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