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News – HRS line

  • News – HRS line

    News – HRS line

    The best efficiency and protection meet the highest load capacity


    How to combine the extreme force provided by screw jacks with the high standards in terms of performance and safety offered by electric linear actuators?

    MecVel R&D team has developed a new range, designed to give an answer to this request: the HRS line.
    The role of linear actuators and screw jacks is to convert the rotatory motion of an electric motor into a linear movement, allowing lifting, adjusting, positioning and rotating of any load simply through a button. These products are characterized by strength and hardness, and are able to give low friction and wear during the handling, together with long life and minimum noise for the whole system.
    This range has been created in particular for the heavy industry and outdoor applications, where it is required to face environmental and climatic conditions even critical, and be adaptable to specific needs of use, also thanks to the customization service provided by the company, reflected in the possibility to configure each product following customer requirements. The standard structure of a screw jack is matched with typical linear actuator components, starting from a series of internal guides up to the external cover tube, dedicated to protect and offer a better support in case of buckling. This, together with a great attention for the high quality of the materials involved, allow to reach the same performance of the most powerful screw jacks, also thanks to the use of the most efficient gear boxes. Moreover the best price-quality ratio to join the market in a really competitive way has been maintained.
    Technical data
    This line is splitted between the version with TPN (acme screw) and the “evolved” version that considers the use of VRS (ball screw), providing a significant increase in terms of performance and higher speed even with the same load. Both these versions are divided in three different “sizes”, in order to supply the entire spectrum of possible handlings: HRS 50 for loads up to 50.000 N, HRS 100 for loads up to 100.000 N, HRS 200 for loads up to 200.000 N. Products from this new range can reach speed of 65 mm/s but in this case, in order to avoid the reversibility of the linear actuator, it should be considered to apply a brake, able to keep the load even in static/stop condition, and for all those cases in which precision and repeatability are strongly required.
    How to choose the best product according to the kind of application
    The duty cycle required by the application is given by the ratio between the working time under load in the stated period, and the stated period itself (10 minutes), expressed in percentage:
    • With Fs ≤ 30%, a linear actuator with TPN is recommended
    • With Fs ≥ 30% a linear actuator with VRS is recommended
    One of the main elements, together with the internal mechanisms, is the cover tube, made of steel in order to protect the screw and the whole system from damages due to dust, water and other contaminant external agents, as well as it allows to place limit switch and anti-rotation devices (on request).
    Which are other items that it is possible to assemble on these products in order to improve performance and safety level? Bellows boot (on request) as further protection of the screw against contaminant external agents, but also flanges, bell flanges and couplings, dedicated to combine three-phase electric motors and servomotors (at 90° or parallel to the linear actuator, for a further reduction of the overall dimensions), allowing the customer to choose freely the motor to apply. The supply of a gear motor allows to provide a reduced torque and consequently to decrease the time needed to complete the stroke up to 2 mm/sec, in order to reach the speed required in the photovoltaic field for example, reducing at the same time the energy consumption.
    The electric system proposed by MecVel is a perfect match between mechanical and electric components, and it is able to provide excellent performance when compared to pneumatic and hydraulic ones. This eco-friendly system, in fact, has easy and essential connections, avoids pumps, valves and pipes, excluding the risk of contamination due to oil leaks, provides power only when required and reliable control such as arrests in intermediate positions. Moreover it offers the possibility to work with high temperature, dust and vibration requiring very little maintenance.
    This new range proposed by MecVel is characterized by great innovation and efficiency, where each product is designed to improve and make unique every handling.

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