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Agriculture: electric linear actuators for agricultural machinery

Agriculture is among the areas for which MecVel offers linear automation technologies, in particular electric linear actuators for motion transmission.
Agricultural machinery and related kinds of application:
Atomisers and sprayers: adjustment and orientation of devices used for spraying
Harvesting machines: platform vertical positioning
Irrigation systems: control of the opening/closing of valves for the water flow


With these electric linear actuators for modern agricultural machinery, farmers can make easier and automate their work.
Agriculture in fact needs more and more systems, equipment and machinery with high resistance, requiring little maintenance and being sustainable, performing and flexible: simply smart.
MecVel electric linear actuators meet all the requests of agricultural activities, and at the same time are eco-friendly, suitable for use on tractors, harvesters, sprayers, atomizers, irrigators, harvesting machines in vineyards, orchards, greenhouses and fields in general.

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