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Food industry


Electric linear actuators for the food industry automation

The food & beverage industry is constantly evolving, and it has to involve advanced technologies for the automation of processes in production lines of the food industry.
This includes the use of electric linear actuators, which MecVel manufactures since 1987 together with a wide range of products dedicated to linear motion.
The main solutions proposed by the company have been developed for:
• Bottling machines: opening/closing of valves for the liquids flow
• Labelling machines: vertical adjustment of conveyor belts for the labelling process of bottles, cans, jars, etc.
Industrial ovens and fridges: opening/closing of the same and handling of trays placed inside
Diverters and extruders: automation of processes as selecting liquids or raw products and pushing them in the machines for the transformation into finished products (bread, coffee, jam, tomato, etc.)
Guiding systems: control of the material direction on the conveyor belt during diverting and packaging
Automated format changeover: vertical adjustment of rollers according to the kind of product processed
• End of line solutions: loading/unloading of baskets with finished or raw material


The electric linear actuator plays a very important role in the automation of processes and allows the food & beverage industry to increase and optimize its productivity.
MecVel uses food grease as lubricant and stainless steel push rod and ends, to make each product suitable to sterile environments such as the food industry.
Moreover, the company offers a customization service, suppling electric linear actuators able to perfectly satisfy the application needs, and providing to customers highest flexibility and best efficiency through a green and reliable system.

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