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Heavy industry


High performance electric linear actuators for the heavy industry


MecVel has developed a range of electric linear actuators focusing on features as great resistance and high load capacity, in order to provide a reliable and powerful solution to the heavy industry.


These products in fact are suitable for harsh applications needs, and for outdoor use, where to face environmental and climatic conditions often critical.


Here some applications supplied by MecVel:
• Steel plants: automation of the opening/closing of furnaces in casting processes, of bulkheads and valves in ventilation systems
• Diverters and mining industry: control of direction and flow of raw materials in the different phases
Conveyor belts: regulation of the height of the belt according to the product to be transported and processed



Electric linear actuators dedicated to the heavy industry come from the meeting of specific requests as force and safety, while the purpose is the automation and the optimization of the duty cycle through a hybrid and perfectly balanced product, and this means that it can match excellent performance with maximum strength.


MecVel is able to adapt its products to the application to which they are intended, both in steel and mining industry, through a customization service that ensures great flexibility, configuring each electric linear actuator to tailor it according to the linear motion needed.


This is possible also thanks to high standards in terms of quality of the product, and the use of an electric system, instead of a hydraulic or pneumatic one, as it is more efficient, compact and eco-sustainable.

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