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Electric linear actuators for leisure and amusement industries: from shading systems to theatres and panoramic wheels

MecVel offers a wide variety of electric linear actuators, with models selected for linear motion in leisure and amusement fields, such as:
 Panoramic wheels: operation of switching the cabin from the main structure and diverting it in case of maintenance operations
• Shading systems: automation of opening, closing, regulation and orientation of covers used for the shielding. Electric linear actuators can be used with windows, umbrella structures of different dimensions and architectures, in single units or group solutions, depending on the size of the area to be covered
• Theatres: handling of stages and platforms for the loading/unloading of stage sets, control of the appearing/disappearing of seats in the parterre by the simultaneous moving of several rows mechanically linked together


MecVel electric linear actuators ensure precision and power in the linear automation field, offering flexible solutions, able to be integrated in different kinds of applications.
The customization service allows customers to configure each electric linear actuator according to their handling needs and related technical specifications.
Moreover, MecVel offers a deep knowledge of the theatre field as well as of home automation and shading systems, where the products are developed matching high performance and design, to make them suitable for a wide range of applications and linear motion solutions.
These devices have a minimal environmental impact and allow for energy saving: especially in the home automation field, users can set cycle and degree of shelter desired, avoiding overheating or unnecessary cooling, and that’s why they are used also in the medical industry.

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