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Medical – Incubators


Medical industry: electric linear actuators for incubators

Electric linear actuators can be applied to various areas of the medical industry, including the most technologically innovative incubators, for an optimal positioning of the same.
In detail, this is the linear automation solution at the service of this field:
• Incubators: orientation and positioning of the cradle (movements used also with eggs in zootechnics)


The electric linear actuator developed for this kind of application is an extremely silent product, ensuring high performance and reliability.
The same electromechanical device is designed also for the linear motion needs of the livestock industry, in particular to orient, instead of the cradle of the baby, the trays placed inside the incubator, in order to get a uniform heating.
The purpose is to have a linear automation system able to perform precise and fluid positioning, and to adjust the height of the whole incubator, if needed.
The use of the electric system in MecVel products satisfies not only the customer request of movement fluidity, but also safety and eco-compatibility standards, avoiding contamination risks due to oil leaks, typical of hydraulic and pneumatic systems instead.
The functionality of each electric linear actuator is increased by the company customization service, meaning that the product is tailored according to technical specifications of the application to which it is intended.

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