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Medical – Machinery


Medical machinery and electric linear motions

The medical industry manufactures more and more innovative and technologically advanced machinery, mounting electric linear actuators when a linear automation is required.
Therefore, MecVel offers several solutions to medical and healthcare fields, such as:
• Physiotherapy, orthopaedic and rehabilitation machines, ophthalmic and dental chairs: height adjustment of the seat and backrest/footrest inclination
• Motorized chairs: height adjustment of the seat and backrest/footrest inclination


From rehab machines (in physiotherapy and orthopaedics) to motorized chairs, electric linear actuators are the most suitable devices for the control of seats, backrests and footrests linear motions.
Products developed for this field maximize its functionality and have high efficiency, together with low-noise, resistance and long life for the whole application.
A further plus offered by the company is its customization service: the customer can request the design and the production of an electric linear actuator tailored for its application, in order to get extremely precise linear movements of positioning, adjustment or regulation.
These technologies are easy to run and give more independence to users, moreover the electric system in use makes them suitable for the medical industry, as they are eco-friendly and non-polluting, unlike hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

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