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Medical – Stair lifts


Electric linear actuators for the stair lifts automation

Since 1987 MecVel designs and manufactures electric linear actuators able to satisfy the handling requests of different kinds of application, medical, rehabilitation and healthcare industries included.


In detail, MecVel has developed this solution:
• Stair lifts: automation of the opening/closing of the final section of the rail



In addition to seat, backrest and footrest movements, electric linear actuators can control also the automatic opening/closing of the final section of the rail used by the stair lift, and this allows for a complete and extremely fluid ascent or descent for the user, as well as the optimization of the space taken by the rail of the stair lift when not in use.


The support provided to the user in terms of comfort and independence is also made possible by the electric system efficiency, suitable for the domestic use as well as able to ensure a reliable and precise control of the movement performed.


Moreover, MecVel devices are compact, low-noise and tailored in their main technical features by a specific customization service, in order to solve the critical issues of the application to which they are intended and satisfy the linear motion needs of the customer.

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