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Packaging industry: motion solutions through electric linear actuators

Among the application fields of electric linear actuators, as devices used for the handlings automation, there is also the packaging industry, with different kinds of linear movements along the production line.


The main solutions proposed by MecVel regard:
• Automated format changeover: regulation of the rollers position according to the product processed or the kind of packaging
• Guiding systems: adjustment of the material direction on the conveyor belt during diverting and packaging phases
• End of line solutions: loading/unloading of baskets with finished or raw material



In the packaging industry, the optimization of the duty cycle to minimize downtime and increase production is fundamental, as well as the automation of the whole chain and the several working stations along the production line, from the raw material processing to the finished product packaging.


If efficiency is measured in productivity, the electric linear actuator at the service of these systems must be fast and high performance, demonstrating to process in an effective way different products in terms of shape, weight, material.


Safety and reliability are two more features at the basis of the electric linear actuators development, as important as the flexibility given by MecVel customization service, able to configure each product to tailor it according to the kind of packaging.


Moreover, the use of the electric system, instead of hydraulic or pneumatic ones, allows this industrial field to be eco-sustainable and non-polluting.