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Medical – Pharmaceutical industry


Linear automation devices for the pharmaceutical industry

MecVel linear motion technologies are used in the pharmaceutical industry, as electric linear actuators are involved in some automation typical of this field.
The company’s proposal is focused mainly on:
• Mixers and centrifuges: control of inclination and rotation in these machines for the pharmaceutical industry
At the same time, all containers for liquids, powders, pills, tablets, can be raised, lowered, overturned to allow the product being processed to go to the next step, as a further operation of transformation or a disposal process.


The pharmaceutical field has specific needs and MecVel electric linear actuators meet these requests: they provide accurate and high-quality solutions, optimize functionality and processes of pharmaceutical machines in compliance with hygiene and safety standards.
MecVel products in fact use an electric system, completely non-polluting and suitable to work in sterile environments, which gives the possibility to achieve a high level of control in the motion performed.
Thanks to a deep know-how in the field of linear automation, the company offers a customization service, to configure each product in detail, improving the performance of machines such as mixers and centrifuges, increasing the efficiency of the whole pharmaceutical plant.

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