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Electric linear actuators for the plastics industry

The plastics processing field involves a series of movements that MecVel electric linear actuators can perform with great precision and efficiency, optimizing for example processes of:
• Extruders and presses: handling of air or material flow in blow, injection and moulding processes
• Plastic film: automation of movements during plastic application and cutting phases


These linear motion systems in fact can regulate the opening/closing of valves for the flow of air or raw products (as wax, ink, etc.), or raising/lowering tanks and molds, automating the vertical push according to type and need of the machine.


They can also control the mechanical arms dedicated to the cutting of film in the packaging processes.


Furthermore, there are electric linear actuators dedicated to the automated format changeover, especially for the adjustment of rollers in the labelling processes and during the replacement of plastic film tubes.



The plastics industry is looking for solutions to improve machines performance, and MecVel offers its competences to this field, proposing technologies able to answer to this request with functionality and flexibility.


The use of an electric system, instead of hydraulic or pneumatic ones, allows to have faster duty cycles, increasing the productivity, in addition MecVel electric linear actuators have a customization service at their disposal, being configured in any technical part to meet the specifications of the application to which they are intended.

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