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Raw material processing


Electric linear actuators dedicated to the raw materials processing

Some operations in the raw materials processing can use efficient electric linear actuators to automate some movements.
MecVel manufactures a range of electromechanical devices able to offer this kind of solutions, oriented for example to:
 Glass/ceramic furnaces: automation of the oven opening/closing
• Marble and wood working machines: vertical adjusting of the work table or of the cutting tools according to the material to be processed


MecVel electric linear actuators ensure to those involved in the raw materials processing: efficiency, resistance, flexibility and the duty cycle optimization.
Customers can also ask for the development of a completely customized solution on the basis of the application technical specifications.
The use of the electric system, if compared to hydraulic and pneumatic ones, offers several benefits, as supplying products fully working with high temperatures, dust and vibrations, also thanks to advanced technologies and an excellent quality level.
Then, both for the automation of glass/ceramic furnaces and of marble/wood working machines, MecVel electric linear actuators are the right choice.

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