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Recycling industry


Linear automation technologies for the recycling industry

MecVel confirms its care for the environment developing linear motion solutions both for renewable energies and recycling industries.
Electric linear actuators dedicated to waste treatment can perform the following handlings:
• Presses and waste compactors: linear pushing to reduce the volume of waste, in particular of bottles for the plastic recycling
• Dumpsters and waste containers: automation of the opening and closing of the lid, to allow the insertion of waste
• Conveyor belts: regulation of the height of the belt according to the product to be transported during the recycling processes


MecVel electric linear actuators use an electric system that can be perfectly combined with the recycling industry as it is completely green, eco-friendly and non-polluting, differently from hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
These technologies are extremely efficient and versatile, both in terms of force, with a load capacity up to 20 tons, and speed, to easily adapt themselves to the kind of application and maximize performance in recycling processes of presses, compactors, dumpsters, containers and conveyor belts.
The company customization service completes this “scenario”, allowing to configure each technical aspect of the electric linear actuator in order to optimally satisfy the customer application requests.

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