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Renewable energies – hydroelectric industry


Renewable energies: electric linear actuators for the hydroelectric industry

Different applications in the hydroelectric field may require linear automation technologies, with increasingly advanced and efficient performance.
MecVel reply consists in offering a selection of electric linear actuators developed for these application fields, in particular:
• Dams: automation of the opening/closing of bulkheads for the water flow regulation
• Trash rack cleaners: handling of machines for maintenance and cleaning of rivers


To optimally control the opening and closing of bulkheads in dams and sluices for hydroelectric basins, and regulate the passage of water, strong and with high load capacity electric linear actuators are required, to face the force of water and satisfy the specific operations for which they are intended. The aim is to keep the flow under control, so that the turbines of hydroelectric basins can work at a steady pace.
In addition, the use of an electric linear actuator in a trash rack cleaner allows to control the activities related to maintenance and cleaning of rivers from any debris in an efficient and eco-sustainable way, as the electric system in use has no impact on the environment in terms of pollution or contamination.
Moreover, the company customization service allows to have a series of technical measures to make MecVel products suitable for working also in humid or saline environments, due to the presence of water.

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