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Rope-hauled transportation systems


Linear automation solutions for ski lifts and rope-hauled transportation systems

MecVel is in the linear automation industry since 1987, manufacturing electric linear actuators suitable also for ski lifts and rope-hauled transportation systems, cabins in particular.
These are the handlings performed with these electromechanical devices and the solutions proposed by these technologies:
Ski lifts and rope-hauled transportation systems cabins: operation of switching the cabin on a secondary rail for maintenance or storage
The electric linear actuator allows to automate the separation of the cabin from the main rail, to move it on a secondary one and transport it in the area dedicated to maintenance or technical operations, as well as the storage during the closure time of the ski lift or the rope-hauled transportation system.


Ski lifts and rope-hauled transportation systems using these automation devices are the most efficient and innovative, as the electric linear actuator simplifies the handlings required by operators and allows to preserve the cabins structure, placing them in the warehouse when they are not in use.
The activation of the switch is performed in a safe and reliable way even with particular climatic conditions as low temperatures, snow, rain or wind.
In addition to MecVel electric linear actuators, constantly updated to satisfy a wide range of applications, the customization service of the company has the purpose to tailor each product in all its technical parts.

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