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Textile and paper industries


Flexible electric linear actuators: from textile to paper industries

MecVel designs and manufactures electric linear actuators for automations in textile machines and paper industry.


The linear motion typical of both these fields and provided by MecVel range is:
 Automated format changeover on winding machines: adjustment of the reel position according to the tissue or paper line, to keep a constant distance despite the continuous variation of the reel volume depending on the process in progress (winding or unrolling)



The efficiency given by the use of electric linear actuators in textile and paper industries is demonstrated by: downtime reduction, automated, reliable and faster duty cycle, where a lower manual operation is required.


These technologies increase the machines performance and consequently their productivity, also thanks to the use of the electric system, extremely flexible in order to respond optimally to the various needs and phases of processing.


In textile and paper industries, winding machines can count on the company customization service, which means that any technical aspect of the product is configured according to the linear motion to perform and the application to which it is intended, offering a tailored solution.

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