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We always take care of you, thanks to our screw jacks

MecVel, thanks to years of experience and technical knowledge, produces a wide range of screw jacks 100% Made in Italy, constantly updated according to market requests, designed and customized in order to meet each customer need. For these reasons MecVel is able to offer complete solutions for all sorts of applications, also thanks to the important role of new technologies applied.

The role of a screw jack in fact is to convert the rotatory motion of a motor in a linear movement dedicated to vertical lift, in push or pull, but also horizontal positioning, as it can work in vertical, horizontal, but even oblique position.

Given the same performances in terms of load – speed and duty, the choice between HT and HR series depends only on the specific application needs. HT series are characterized by a trapezoidal acme screw travelling through the body of the screw jack, which performs the linear motion by the screw itself. In this case, it is required free space below the screw jack in order to allow the whole movement. In HR series instead, the trapezoidal screw rotates integrally with the gearbox wheel. The linear motion, in this case, is performed by the nut travelling up and down along the rotating screw. This nut will have to be fixed to the structure to be carried to avoid rotation with the screw.

These products find their perfect combination in a “four corner” configuration, where the four screw jacks connected among them by means of shafts, couplings and bevel gears, allow the transmission of the movement with a perfect synchronism, even if the load is not equally distributed.

To underline that no compromise is required with systems made by MecVel: in fact they ensure an extremely high precision and allow the maintenance of the established position, for the effect of irreversibility of the system or for the use of brakes. In addition to all this, extra-long screws and long screw pitches can be used to ensure power and speed of movement sticking to the maximum silence. Not to forget also the importance given to safety by MecVel: if necessary, each system can be equipped with motors with double safety brake, with tubes for the isolation of the screw and with devices to maintain the solid structure and always at maximum efficiency.

Some examples of special applications with MecVel screw jacks?

From Belarus to Kazakhstan, from Germany to Russia, from Budapest to Paris, the eternal charm of theatre has met the technology proposed by MecVel: while the HR200 series have been selected for at the Astana Arena, in Kazakhstan and at the Central Theatre of Minsk, in Belarus, with installations carried out in partnership with Bosch, the HT100 and HT200 series have been chosen, for example, from the charming theatre Le Trianon in the French capital Paris. These configurations in meant to lift the stage as required by the play but also, before and after it takes place, it allows a simple and comfortable handling of platforms for loading and unloading sets, materials and all the elements required to give the right appearance to the show.

In the branch of woodworking machinery, the solution proposed by MecVel for the handling of the worktable involves the use of screw jacks, to make possible both the vertical lift of the platform with the piece of wood, and the horizontal advancement of the worktable in relation, for example, to the saw, with the aim to facilitate the work and minimize the manual intervention of operators. Last but not least, MecVel screw jacks were at work also during the incredible 16th FINA World Championships at the Tatneft Arena Sports Palace in Kazan, for the opening ceremony of the Swimming World Championships 2015 in Russia, when the swimmer Nikita Korolev suddenly emerged from the beautiful blue swimming pool at the center of the stage. In fact he was accompanied in its spectacular lift by MecVel screw jacks pushing the platform located on the bottom of the swimming pool, allowing the swimmer to move in a few seconds from “the depth of the sea” to a completely emerged stage. The water, and with this a lot of incredible effects, remained protagonists for the entire show, obviously together with the central swimming pool and the platform located on the bottom and moved from four MecVel screw jacks, the only ones able to make possible the beautiful dances close to the water’s surface, as well as the even more spectacular dances in immersion performed by dancers, circus artists and athletes. The solution developed and manufactured by MecVel involved the use of the HR50 series, with increased stems (65 mm diameter, 36 mm pitch), and especially watertight cases for gearboxes, as all four screw jacks were positioned below the level of the water for the whole ceremony.