Mining Industry

Actuators for the mining industry

MecVel has developed a range of electric linear actuators focusing on features such as great resistance and high load capacity, to provide a reliable and powerful solution to the mining industry.

Certifications on the products, such as the IP65 and AT-EX, allow employees to work in a safe environment. Beside the IP65 and AT-EX certificates, that ensure the working conditions, the protections used to avoid damages and preserve the whole application efficiency are:

  • A larger limit switches box to increase the level of control though devices dedicated to the constant monitoring of the stroke
  • Bellows boot to preserve the screw from external agents and protective paintings to prevent the surfaces corrosion
  • Brass gears and cams
  • Metal connectors and Viton seals
  • Mechanical limiter with warning sensor
  • Front end with shock absorber

The flexibility of the MecVel range allows us to find always the best solution for each application, offering the linear motion desired and the duty cycle optimization through perfectly balanced products, able to combine reliability, efficiency and strength.

For any questions on the actuators for the mining industry, please contact MecVel at the address, or through the contact form.