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Linear actuators for renewable energy: wind power industry

The renewable energies field is among the ones in which MecVel focuses its skills. This is a deep know-how, as since 1987 the company is in the linear automation technologies industry, as it develops and manufactures a constantly updated series of electric linear actuators and screw jacks.

In particular, MecVel offers products for the wind energy field, and these are the main features:

  • Wind turbines: control and adjustment of the rotation speed. The electric linear actuator can be used to disconnect the turbine from the main structure in case of wind excess. in order to avoid structure damages, preserve the application efficiency and allow the correct energy storage.

Wind turbines represent an important source of renewable energy.

In support of this industrial field, MecVel provides electric linear actuators as innovative, efficient and smart solutions, as well as eco-sustainable thanks to the use of the electric system.

The company’s years of experience allow for high flexibility through its customization service, offering tailored technologies for linear motion in the wind energy field.

Therefore, electric linear actuators dedicated to controlling and adjusting the wind turbines’ rotation speed can be customized, and this ensures that each detail can be configured according to customer technical specifications. This process turns each product into a dedicated piece, reliable and performing in its application.

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