KP series

KP Screw jacks

Due to market requests for a constant reduction of costs and delivery time, the company proposes its KP solution, born by HT and HR screw jacks range.
The KP series is dedicated to the easiest lifting systems, both vertical and horizontal, where to perform the movement is just required a hand wheel for the manual driving or an electric motor for starting it, components usually available in the market as well as belts and pulleys, while MecVel provides the heart of the motion.
The company offers four different sizes of gearboxes already mounted and grease lubricated, up to 5 kN (500 kg), from 5 to 10 kN (1 ton), from 10 to 25 kN (2,5 tons) and 25 to 50 kN (5 tons), with two gear ratios ready for delivery: 1:10 and 1:30.

KP line is subdivided in two kinds of kits:

  • KT version, where the acme screw runs through the gearbox
  • KR version, where the acme screw rotates integrally with the gearbox. In this case the linear motion is performed by a nut travelling along the acme screw.

According to the kind of kit, MecVel combines the acme screw in a different way:

  • With KT, it is supplied in one meter steps, which the customer can furtherly cut depending on the stroke length needed
  • With KR, it is supplied with a working stroke of 500 mm, and the rear end is modified for the correct join with the gearbox. The front end is “at customer disposal”, to adjust the acme screw length according to application requests.

Tech values

Max. load 50.000 N

Gear ratios 1:10 / 1:30

Acme screw 18×4 / 20×4 / 30×6 / 40×7

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