Linear motion solutions: actuators and screw jacks

Actuators, screw jacks and more. All the MecVel products for linear motion.

Since 1987 MecVel is in the linear automation field, developing and manufacturing a constantly updated range of electric linear actuators and mechanical screw jacks. These products transform the rotatory motion of a motor into a linear movement, to push, pull, lift or position loads even higher than 20 tons.

Using electric-powered products offers many upsides when compared to hydraulic or pneumatic ones. First of all, being eco-friendly, the actuator only needs electricity to function. Moreover, these products are easy to install and don't need maintenance!

Discover MecVel's range of linear motion products

attuatore lineare elettrico
A linear actuator is an electromechanical device providing a linear movement, in contrast with the rotatory motion of the applied electric motor. The linear actuator transforms a rotation into a linear movement of pushing, pulling, lifting or positioning loads even up to 20 tons. The use of the electric system leads to a series of benefits if compared to hydraulic and pneumatic ones, as being suitable for many applications in different industrial fields.

The direct current powered actuators perfectly adapt to applications where small dimensions and high control are needed. The DC motor is perfect for precision applications, such as industrial robotics and machine tools.

This kind of motor is used in most industrial fields. The alternated current-powered actuators are utilized in industrial sectors where sturdiness, high load capacity and movement repetitiveness are required. In this case, the motor might be tri-phased or mono-phased.

Screw jacks transform the rotatory movement provided by an electric, hydraulic, pneumatic or manual motor into a linear motion: a vertical lifting, pull or push, or horizontal positioning. They can be used individually or in configurations of several screw jacks coupled through couplings, transmission shafts and bevel gearboxes. Screw jacks allow having perfectly balanced systems even with loads not perfectly distributed on the surface.

In this screw jack model, the nut rotates around the stationary screw moving up and down along the shaft. Discover the full range of HR Screw Jacks here!

For this screw jack model, the terminal is fix at the end of the screw. The screw, rotating, moves the terminal back and forth. Discover the full range of HT Screw Jacks here!

The bevel gear function is to transmit power through the connected shafts. The bevel gear housing can also have a cubic shape (BC line), with all six faces completely machined. The bevel gear shafts are made of carbon steel.
Using the appropriate joints, AT and ATM shafts can be mounted even after the application and the fixing of the screw jack: place the transmission shaft on the screw jack shaft, and fix the joint hubs using the screws to be tightened with a specific torque.
This driver is designed to drive two actuators in parallel. The synchronization is achieved by adjusting the actuator speed during movement.

The reasons to choose MecVel electric linear actuators

Great Performance

An electric actuator allows the user to easily set the required movements
The user can control precisely every movement, and have feedbacks on the handling

Low maintenance

There is no need for a frequent maintenance routine for electric actuators.
The components are assembled to last through time without the user's help

High Speed

It's very easy to produce high-speed movements and program them for their perfect repetition
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Brilliant design

Easy configuration and intuitive design for the installation of the actuator.
Actuators are easy to set up and versatile to use

No contamination

Actuators do not generate much pollution in terms of heat and noise.
And they ensure their work environment is free from oil/grease contamination.

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