Tables for surgery and veterinary use

attuatori tavoli operatori
Actuators for surgery and veterinary tables

Both in hospital and veterinary field, MecVel electric linear actuators are chosen for the handling of tables, due to the high load capacity they can provide.

Specifically, the main solution offered by these electromechanical devices is the following:

  • Surgery and veterinary tables: inclination, rotation and positioning of the table itself

The aim is to get a reliable and precise table regulation, according to the operation to be performed or the kind of patient.


Facilitating the movements by automating the table improves the result of the whole operation. Also from an ergonomic point of view, it ensures a better condition for both staff and patient.

The adjustment of the position of surgery and veterinary tables through electric linear actuators is very easy and low-noise.

In addition, the use of the electric system offers great efficiency in motion control. Making the linear actuator suitable to work in sterile environments, being a technology that avoids any risk of contamination from oil.

Moreover, MecVel customization service allows tailoring each product according to the application needs to which it is intended, configuring in detail its main technical features.

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