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Electric linear actuators for different kinds of application

MecVel offers advanced solutions in the linear automation field, developing and producing a constantly innovated range of electric linear actuators, screw jacks and other products dedicated to motion transmission.

Electric linear actuators manufactured by the company are suitable for various fields: from agriculture to medical industry, from solutions for special vehicles to renewable energies (wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric), from heavy industry to railways, packaging, etc.

Thanks to deep experience and high flexibility of solutions, MecVel offers a customization service, to have tailored productions of electric linear actuators and other products 100% Made in Italy.

Eco-Friendly electric linear actuators and screw jacks

All MecVel products use an electric system providing several benefits in terms of eco-sustainability: this is not as polluting as hydraulic or pneumatic ones, moreover products require a minimal and controlled use of plastic.

Atomisers and sprayers: adjustment and orientation of devices used for spraying
Harvesting machines: platform vertical positioning
Irrigation systems: control of the opening/closing of valves for the water flow

Mobile robots for breeding/zootechnics (for the distribution of forage): control of AGV steering and direction, vertical positioning of the platform for the material loading/unloading

Mobile robots for the industry, with a focus on automotive and logistic fields: expansion and lifting of the AGV according to the kind of product to be moved inside the plant

Ambulance stretchers: lifting of the stretcher
Armoured cars: control of steering and vehicle direction, handling of metal detectors used for finding unexploded ordnances
Vehicles for people with a reduced mobility capacity: automation of the opening/closing of doors and platforms for the wheelchair pick-up/drop-off

Mobile camp hospitals for civil protection and shelters: lifting from the ground and placement of shelters and advanced medical posts
Radar: orientation of the dish

Wind turbines: control and adjustment of the rotation speed

Photovoltaic panels and solar concentrators: inclination and rotation to optimize the solar tracking process

Dams: automation of the opening/closing of bulkheads for the water flow regulation
Trash rack cleaners: handling of machines for maintenance and cleaning of rivers

Cabins: operation of switching the cabin on a secondary rail for maintenance or storage

Bottling machines: control of the opening/closing of valves for the liquids flow, vertical adjustment of conveyor belts for the labelling process
End of line solutions: loading/unloading of baskets with finished or raw material

Steel plants: automation of the opening/closing of furnaces, bulkheads and valves for the regulation of ventilation systems
Diverters and mining industry: control of direction and flow of raw materials in the different processes

Glass/ceramic furnaces: automation of the oven opening/closing
Marble and wood working machines: vertical adjusting of the work table according to the material to be processed

Panoramic wheels: operation of switching the cabin from the main structure in case of maintenance
Shading systems: automation of opening, closing, regulation and orientation of covers used for the shielding
Theatres: handling of stages and platforms for the loading/unloading of stage sets, control of the appearing/disappearing of seats in the parterre

Automated format changeover: regulation of the rollers position according to the product processed or the kind of packaging
Guiding systems: adjustment of the material direction on the conveyor belt during diverting and packaging phases
End of line solutions: loading/unloading of baskets with finished or raw material

Extruders and presses: handling of air or material flow in blow, injection and moulding processes
Plastic film: automation of movements during plastic application and cutting phases

Railroad switches: operation of this mechanical installation to guide the train on a different track
Wagons: automation of the door opening/closing

Snow-making systems and dust suppression guns: orientation and positioning of the cannon for the emission of water

Incubators: orientation and positioning of the cradle (movements used also with eggs in zootechnics)

Physiotherapy, orthopaedic and rehabilitation machines, ophthalmic and dental chairs: height adjustment of the seat and backrest/footrest inclination
Motorized chairs: height adjustment of the seat and backrest/footrest inclination

X-ray equipment: positioning of c-arms, mammography machines and orthopantomographs

Mixers: control of inclination and rotation in machines for the pharmaceutical industry

Stair lifts: automation of the opening/closing of the final section of the rail

Surgery and veterinary tables: table rotation and positioning

Hatches, watertight and fire doors: automatic opening and closing of these safety systems on board

Walkways: control of the walkway extension for accessing the ship