Actuators for domotics

MecVel offers acomplete range of actuators for domotics, designed to perfectly adapt to the needed movements of this specific industrial sector. Moreover, the actuator’s manufacturing and functioning are designed for a low impact on the environment, taking into account the growing concern on energy saving principles.

MecVel solutions for green domotics, shading and dimming systems are designed to generate movements with minimum power consumption. For example, the actuators can be equipped with VRS screws for performance improve. They can also be equipped with an encoder or a potentiometer, to have constant control of the stroke movements. In some cases, when the actuators are placed outdoors in extreme environmental conditions, they can also be coated with special protective paints.

Electric linear actuators may be matched with windows, panels, doors, and umbrella structures in different dimensions, shapes and materials to allow their movement vertically or horizontally. These movements automate the opening/closing of air-flowing systems and windows, shielding the whole system from the environment.

Thanks to the customizable front and back terminals the actuator is always securely fastened to the structure. Using actuators in domotics translates to a beautiful user experience, where the user can set the preferred shading cycle, leaving all the hard work to the actuators. This type of movement/automation helps to avoid excessive cooling or heating, using the sun to its maximum potential. By regulating the room’s exposure to cold, rain or UV rays, greater thermic comfort can be achieved. For these reasons, MecVel linear motion products are often used in the medical field!

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