Special vehicles

Actuators for special vehicles

For special vehicles, we mean all those vehicles that are specifically used for one purpose, such as transporting disabled people (ambulances, electric wheelchairs, cars for disabled people) or in the defence field (armoured vehicles). Following the industry’s needs, MecVel developed a series of specific actuators for handling solutions on special vehicles.

MecVel electric linear actuators optimize the performance of these kinds of special vehicles, as they automate a series of movements, offering several benefits.

Here some applications involving handlings controlled by electric linear actuators:

  • Ambulance stretchers: automatic lifting of the stretcher, which no longer requires a manual operation by medical staff
  • Armoured cars: control of steering and vehicle direction, positioning of metal detectors used for finding unexploded ordnances, for further protection of operators
  • Vehicles for people with a reduced mobility capacity: automation of the opening/closing of doors and platforms for the wheelchair pick-up/drop-off and, in the case of a motorized wheelchair, vertical adjustment of the seat or inclination of the backrest, to improve the independence for users of these vehicles

MecVel electric linear actuators ensure advantages in terms of flexibility, efficiency and sustainability.

These products use technologies that allow one to tailor them perfectly to any application or special vehicle. In fact, using the customization service, the customer can perfectly tune the actuator on the application.

This means also great efficiency, as the solutions provided are safe, long-lasting and require little maintenance.

Another further plus is the electric system used: more compact, accurate, easy to handle and above all less impacting on the environment than hydraulic or pneumatic ones.

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