X-ray machines

macchine radiologiche attuatori
Actuators for X-rays machines

In the medical industry, different machines used in radiology need linear movements provided by electric linear actuators, for example the x-ray machines.

These electromechanical devices are used on board X-rays machines to get the most suitable way to perform the radiographic exam.

In detail, solutions proposed by MecVel:

  • X-ray machines: vertical lifting in an orthopantomography, adjustment of mammography machines, c-arms orientation

MecVel has more than 30 years of experience manufacturing linear motion technologies for the medical industry.

In radiology, machines must always be new and innovative to achieve optimal results in the diagnostic process.

Electric linear actuators developed for this purpose are extremely precise and low-noise and offer many possibilities for c-arms positioning, mammography machines and orthopantomographs.

These linear handlings automation allow for faster and safer exams, as it is required a minimum manual operation by the medical staff and a lower exposure to X-rays.

The electric system used is highly performing and suitable for sterile environments such as the medical one. Moreover, the MecVel customization service allows tailoring, from a technical point of view, each electric linear actuator according to the X-ray machine to which it is intended, achieving an excellent result.

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