Renewable energy

renewable energy
Actuators for the renewable energy industries

Are fossil fuels still the best way to produce energy? With the increasing shortage of resources that we are facing lately, we are now forced to ask this question to ourselves. Here at MecVel, like many other people, we strongly think they are not. For this reason, we decided many years ago to produce an electric-powered device, but this is not it. We developed a range of actuators dedicated to the needs of the renewable energy fields!

Electric linear actuators may be used in many renewable energy fields, as a linear driving system. In this way the actuator contributes to creating the energy that powers it, to continue working. Thus triggering a virtuous spiral, where the actuator works to also power itself with clean energy.

The models’ versatility and the raw material and components quality, make MecVel products ideal for many different outdoor applications, ensuring their durability and performativity.

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