Steel industry

attuatori per acciaierie
Focus on steel plants

MecVel configures its product range to offer high-performing products suitable for the heavy industry and in particular steel and mining plants. The main handlings supplied by electric linear actuators in these fields are:

  • Raising/lowering of bulkheads and walkways, to make easier the passage from one point to another both for staff and raw/finished material
  • Automated opening/closing of furnaces in casting processes, diverters and air valves to separate the flow of fumes, dust, raw or finished material and to regulate the ventilation system
  • Control of fluids inside pipes, to keep pression and flow within a safety level through a fast and accurate opening or closing of valves
  • Regulation of conveyor belts height according to the kind of product to transport, up to the handling of the whole machinery

MecVel HRS series is the perfect solution to be used in critical environments and harsh applications, as it is characterized by great resistance Providing at the same time low friction and minimum wear, for a long life of the whole system.

The standard structure of a screw jack is matched with typical electric linear actuator components, as a series of mechanisms and internal guides and an external cover tube made of steel in order to protect the screw from dust, water and other external agents. The idea behind the HRS is to combine screw jacks’ typical components with electric actuators. Moreover, thanks to the choice of high-efficiency gearboxes, the performances of the most potent screw jacks are furtherly increased, reaching 200.000 N (20 tons) of load capacity.

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