AGVs for logistics and goods handling

movimentazione e logistica
Actuators for logistics and goods handling

Electric linear actuators are linear motion technologies for several production areas, and they are also used by AGVs (or Automated Guided Vehicles), especially in automotive, logistics and breeding/zootechnics.

These automated guided vehicles allow goods handling within any production plan, but they’re also suitable for many other applications. AGVs allow the movement of products inside the plant and, due to the possibility of expanding and lifting thanks to electric linear actuators, they are characterized by efficiency, flexibility, force and resistance.

This tiny robot might substitute the human operator in many production fields, expecially where heavy duty is required. Linear electric actuators then can be a production breakthrough for any big assembly line, for example in the automotive industry or logistics.

One of the main purposes is warehouse optimization, which assumes a dynamic shape thanks to AGVs. The AGVs are fast, secure and totally automated devices, perfect for goods handling operations. For instance, they can easily pick, relocate and stock different kinds of materials. Replacing the operator in these heavy tasks, AGVs help people by taking charge of their labours and easing out the daily job routine.


MecVel electric linear actuators are innovative technological solutions for linear motion, ensuring a clear and precise movement for the logistics and goods handling industry.

That’s why they are suitable for different industrial automation areas, such as mobile robots, increasingly used from assembly lines to the most modern breeding systems and production plants, that require smart and eco-friendly AGVs.

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