Railway industry

railway industry
Actuators for the railway industry

MecVel manufactures electric linear actuators for the railway industry, for railroad switch handling, the opening/closing of wagon doors, and also to raise/lower elevators and platforms.

These are some of the applications supplied by MecVel:

  • Railroad switches: handling of switching devices. To guide the train on a secondary track when not in use or for maintenance operations
  • Wagons: automation of the door opening/closing

In addition, to improve the accessibility of people with a reduced mobility capacity,  electric linear actuators are used to handle elevators. In this way, it is possible to raise/lower platforms, allowing more accessible transit for the wheelchair.


The high precision with which these products are manufactured turns in great efficiency, with the purpose to offer reliable and safe linear motion technologies to the railway industry.

The device is very safe, as it is used in railway switching devices. It can also improve accessibility solutions provided on trains, upgrading the usability of people with a reduced mobility capacity.

Moreover, MecVel has a customization service, developing flexible electric linear actuators tailored to the railway industry’s technical needs, and optimizing linear automation.

This is also thanks to a powerful, compact and eco-friendly electric system, suitable for outdoor use even with bad weather conditions.

For any questions please contact MecVel at the address info@mecvel.com, or through the contact form.