ALI1 linear actuator

attuatore lineare motore perpendicolafre ALI2 ACdc

Category: Linear actuators DC

Electric Linear Actuators DC – The Actuators powered with direct current are suitable for applications where small dimensions and high control are needed. The DC motor can be 12V, 24V o 36V.

An electric linear actuator is an electromechanical device providing a linear movement, in contrast with the rotatory motion of the applied electric motor.

The linear actuator transforms a rotation into a linear movement of pushing, pulling, lifting or positioning loads even up to 20 tons.

The use of the electric system leads to a series of benefits, if compared to hydraulic and pneumatic ones, such as being silent, easy to use and install, and contamination free. For these characteristics, this device adapts to many applications in different industrial fields.

Category: Linear actuators DC

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