Linear actuators for agriculture, farming and food processing industries

Linear actuators for agriculture, farming and food processing industries

For years, MecVel has successfully supplied these three intertwined industrial fields, agriculture, livestock breeding and the food processing industry. Using electric linear actuators allows some process automation, easing or cancelling user efforts.

The more used actuators in these application fields are the ones from the light range: ALI1, ALI2, ALI3 & ALI4

ali1 ali2 ali3 ali4

→ In agriculture electric linear actuators may be used to implement these machines:

  • Atomizers for pesticide and fertilizer
  • Irrigation systems
  • Harvesting machines for fruit and vegetables

The most typical farming applications for electric linear actuators:

  • Ventilation systems for barns
  • Incubators
  • Livestock diverter
  • AGV for feeding and cleaning

To meet the requirements of the whole supply chain, actuators can be utilized in the food industry sector. These are the most common applications:

  • Guiding systems, automated format changeover and end-of-line solutions
  • Opening and closing of industrial fridges and ovens
  • Extruders and diverters

These applications often require the use of food grease as a lubricant, bellows boot to protect the screw, stainless steel for push rod and front end, up to complete painting to furtherly preserve the electric linear actuator and ensure a longer life to the whole system.

To learn more about electric linear actuators’ uses in agriculture, farming and the food industry, download and read the brochure. (Google Drive)

Or read the single application page:

Agricolture / Food industry

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