Electronic Drive Configuration From

Technical requirements for a correct setup of the driver

Fill the form below to configure your device on the basis of the kind of application to which it is intended. Once we get these information, our staff will contact you to propose the best solution according to your needs.




    Order number (if available)

    Any PP code to match with the driver

    Short description of the application (for example: raising/lowering of a window, opening/closing of a door)

    Operating mode

    Synchronized (encoder 2 channels)Indipendent

    Max. current for linear actuator

    10 A (driver code: PF.0104)15 A (driver code: PF.0106)

    Motor power supply (in direct current)

    12 Vdc24 Vdc36 Vdc48 Vdc

    Number of linear actuators


    Limit switches

    Yes, N.O. typeYes, N.C. typeNo

    Virtual limit switches


    (With 1 linear actuator an encoder with 2 channels and 1 limit switch are required)

    Value at minimum stroke mm

    Value at maximum stroke mm

    Working direction of the application and load capacity


    Upward N

    Downward N

    Operating mode with limit current



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