HP5 – electric linear actuator for safe and precise movements

Electric linear actuator performances are as better as targeted on a specific function or application. That is why in the development phase of HP5, MecVel focused on how to make it flexible, strong, and at the same time, high performing. These actuators are the perfect solution to generate linear motions for sun trackers since they are able to always provide feedback on the reached position, keep an optimal inclination and be long-lasting.

A better and new version of the HP5 electric linear actuator.

  • A static axial force up to 45000 N: HP5 can keep the load of the whole photovoltaic panel if the solar tracker is in “rest” or safety position, that’s when the system detecting the wind speed places the photovoltaic panel horizontally due to too much wind (automation possible only with dual axis solar trackers)
  • A dynamic force up to 15000 N even with long strokes (> >500 mm), maintaining extremely low both speed and consumption (2 mm/s and 6 A)
  • New model with speed up to 20 mm/s and a dynamic axial load of 4000 N
  • The steel cross gearbox allows directing the transfer of the motion from the electric motor to the push rod, without any loss in terms of efficiency
  • Reduced overall dimensions due to the DC motor parallel to the push rod
  • The fixing through customizable pins on the cover tube makes HP5 versatile and easy to fit into the main structure, also thanks to an electric system with simple connections, getting a fast and “clean” installation

Discover the new and revised HP5, the perfect actuator for renewable energy! Download here the updated datasheet.

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