Packaging – Actuators for industrial automation

Attuatori automazione packaging

MecVel electric linear actuators: technological solutions for automation in the packaging industry

Electric linear actuators for automation in the packaging industry, what are they? These devices transform the rotatory motion of a motor into a push or pull movement for loads up to 20 tons, and they perfectly meet the packaging industry, as it requires high-performing products, which use an electric and eco-sustainable system, really versatile.

In particular, this flexibility is given by the customisation service of the company, able to configure each electric linear actuator to satisfy the technical specifications of the application to which it is intended.

Focus on packaging

In fact, along a production line, from the processing of the raw product to the packaging of the finished one, there are several stations that can be automated by electric linear actuators, and the main ones are:

  • Extruders and blow moulding or injection machines: opening/closing of the passage of the air or material flow to be extruded in dosing systems
  • Diverters and guiding systems: handling of the material directly on the conveyor belt during diverting and packaging phases
  • Automated format changeover: height regulation of rollers or conveyor belts according to the kind of product or packaging, but also adjustment of the reel position according to the tissue, plastic or paper line, to keep a constant distance despite the continuous variation of the reel volume depending on the process in progress (winding or unrolling)
  • End of line: loading/unloading of baskets with finished or raw material through tilt movements
  • Machines for the plastic film application: control of thickness and cut of the plastic film during the packaging of the finished product
  • In the picking and storage phases of packed goods, electric linear actuators are used also by cobots, motorised arms, AGVs, AMRs and mobile robots in general. Movements are related in particular to the steering and the height calibration of the loading platform according to the kind and the number of packs to be transported and placed in the warehouse.

MecVel range dedicated to the packaging industry is made up mainly by:

  • AM series: it is indicated with medium-high loads and speed (15000 N and 150 mm/s max.), without renouncing to motion accuracy and full control, as it offers the possibility to mount high efficiency servo motors, providing systems interchangeable with pneumatic cylinders, for example for the positioning of motorized arms and blow moulding/injection devices, where repetitive but precise movements are required, as well as quite fast
  • ALI2 and a special version named ALI2-DS (double screw) : these models are perfect to handle the lift of the AGV loading platform and its direction through the steering control, as they can be placed in small spaces, being able at the same time to reach a load capacity of 2000/2500 N at 20/30 mm/s
  • ALI4: the different combinations available make it a real passe-partout. With its 10000 N of force and 100 mm/s as max. speed, it can be matched with diverters, guiding systems, but also end-of-line and machines requiring to automate the format changeover

The effectiveness of a system is calculated also in terms of productivity, and the electric linear actuator allows to increase in the level of control and safety of processes, reducing the possible errors and ensuring a higher continuity in production, as the efficiency can’t be related only to the operator’s presence and intervention. Each machine must be oriented to the duty cycle optimization, avoiding machine downtime as much as possible and adapting to different products, materials, and weights.

MecVel purpose is to provide excellent linear motions and results, implementing along the production lines electric systems in replacement of hydraulic or pneumatic ones, to make the packaging field more and more “green” in compliance with the industry 4.0 concepts of energy efficiency and sustainable production.

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