TeMec Drive Srl: from a start-up to a company specialized in tailor-made electronic solutions

Founded in February 2014 by the need of MecVel Srl and TEM Electric Motors Srl to furtherly promote their products in automation and electronic fields, TeMec Drive Srl is a company whose core business is the design and the production of drives for electric linear actuators, brushless and DC motors, PC software and custom products, innovative and highly technological, developed for different markets and industrial applications.


MecVel and TEM have a long tradition and experience in the field of electromechanics and mechanics applied to the movement, as they are respectively manufacturers of electric linear actuators and screw jacks since 1987, and of electric motors and gear motors since 1968. Moreover, these companies are connected by a strong technical and commercial collaboration, with the aim to provide complete handling systems to their customers. Common features for these companies, as eyes towards the future and the need to offer more and more advanced and performing solutions, have led them to give shape to this new company named TeMec Drive, with the goal to create electronic devices that can perfectly match with their products, and satisfy the growing market request for the integration between mechanics and electronics.
The research for the best staff for this project has started from the territory (MecVel and TEM are respectively based in Bologna and Castelnovo di Sotto, in the province of Reggio Emilia) and has been focused on the excellence of the Engineering department of the University of Parma. TeMec Drive has come to life with a young and close-knit team of electronic, IT engineers and IT Ph.Ds., able to approach in a dynamic and proactive way market demands, thanks to a solid base of skills, from mechatronics to new technologies, and establish a strong relationship based on synergy and daily comparison with MecVel and TEM members, with the aim to find always the right setup for each project.
One of the main pluses that characterize TeMec Drive, in fact, is knowing how to develop and combine both the hardware and the software part of the product, given that it has the ability to design both sides of the same coin and therefore offer a complete package, tailor-made for needs expressed by the customer, to respond optimally to the requests of the application for which it is intended.
Currently TeMec Drive range consists of:
AZ2: driver for 1-2 independent linear actuators or 2 synchronized linear actuators, with DC motors (12-48 Vdc) and 10/15 A for the actuator, controlled through MOSFET transistors and pulse width modulation (PWM), with the possibility of an expansion for Modbus RTU communication
AZ3: servo drive for the control of DC and brushless motors (24-60 Vdc), with 30 A nominal and commands from digital and analog inputs, CANopen DS 402 and Modbus RTU, available in both integrated and stand-alone versions
TeMec PC-Interface: PC software based on Windows® OS, highly user-friendly. T he user can setup and control its electronic devices, as well as save and resume specific configurations related to the use of each single product
Incremental optical encoder: device for DC motors (5-24 Vdc), its great versatility allows configuring it with different resolutions
The proposal includes also the consulting service to those companies which are developing new machines and for the solution of problems related to the integration between mechanic and electronic.
To view the technical specifications of products or get in touch with TeMec Drive, information is available at www.temecdrive.com.