1987-2017: happy birthday MecVel, 30 years always in motion

In 2017 MecVel achieves the goal of its first 30 years of activity, and celebrates this success in the best possible way: besides the introduction of significant innovations in its products range, the company grows not only in the soul but also in the “body”

On 10 September 2017 MecVel blows out 30 candles, and for the occasion it enlarges its production area with a new building close to the existing one. The aim is to maximize its performance, also thanks to the use of different automated warehouses, showing the technological development and the innovation level the company has reached, which takes its production capacity up to 60.000 pieces a year.
Since 1987 MecVel’s core business is the design and the manufacture of electric linear actuators and screw jacks, handling systems using motors, gear boxes and push tubes to transform the rotatory motion of the motor into a linear movement, allowing to lift, position, push or pull any load up to 200,000 N (20 tons). In addition there is an important customization service which consists in configuring each product in detail, to suit it to the specific needs of the single application, creating a tailored solution for each customer.
In 30 years of history, the company has moved from being a small craft business to a leader in the linear actuators and screw jacks market, with a strong worldwide presence, confirmed by the fact that 50% of the total turnover (10 million euros in 2016) comes from important companies on the international scene and special projects developed in several industrial branches: from renewable energies (such as photovoltaic, wind power and hydroelectric) to heavy industry (steel and mining), packaging, medical field, automotive, means of transport and automation in general.
All this without moving away from the basis on which MecVel has been built: Made in Italy valorization, which identifies an unprecedented level of know-how and quality, and a continuous activity of research and development, to be constantly up-to-date with market requests. That is why among all the ingredients that have led to this goal, in the front row there is also a continuously evolving range, with the aim to offer always the perfect product for the kind of application to which it is intended, according to the company’s mission: create products able to improve and make every linear motion unique.
For 30 years the match between long-standing experience and technological progress is the core of a steady growth in business, but its efficiency is significantly enhanced by the team cohesion: it is to human resources that, last 15 September 2017, MecVel has dedicated the celebration of this important milestone, with a family-friendly event that has revealed the strong sense of belonging to a close-knit and competitive working group, to which the property has shown its full gratitude. It has been an evening characterized by a festive climate, and completely addressed to those who have made this company great in the past, and also those who, even today, contribute to its rapid expansion with constancy and determination. Thirty years have gone, between amazing challenges and successes, and many others still have to come: MecVel blows out these candles with a lot of awareness and the mind already oriented to the future.
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