Actuators for sun trackers

Electric linear actuators for the photovoltaic industry – solar trackers

MecVel is in the linear automation industry since 1987, developing and producing technologies targeted to the renewable energies field and automation required by these applications.

Specifically, the linear actuator is an electromechanical cylinder powered by an electric motor connected to a gearbox, which moves a series of gears and a push rod to transform the rotatory motion of the motor into a linear movement, with a load capacity of up to 20 tons.


Solar trackers can be with single and dual axis, and these tracking systems offer the highest efficiency. single axis solar trackers allow for an increase in terms of energy conversion up to 40% more than a fixed photovoltaic plant, while the highest increase (up to +50%) is provided by a dual axis system.


  • The electric system of the linear actuator has reduced dimensions, minimal connections, low consumptions, the possibility to regulate with accuracy the power supplied and keep the position in static conditions
  • Specific setups allow to resist to harsh climatic conditions as humidity, air salinity, wind, thanks to a static load higher than the dynamic one
  • The speed can be lowered up to 1 mm/s through gearboxes able to provide a reduced input torque, increasing the time needed to complete the stroke and complying with the photovoltaic industry standards
  • And much much more!

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