ALI4-P: a new configuration for new linear handling solutions

ALI4-P is more than a simple product restyling, it is a new version born on the basis of market requests, developed to meet specific linear automation needs in a more effectively and efficiently way


Since 1987 MecVel’s core business is the design and manufacturing of electric linear actuators and screw jacks, electromechanical devices transforming the rotatory motion of a motor into a linear movement, pushing, pulling, lifting or positioning loads even higher than 20 tons. An important customization service allows configuring each product to model it according to its intended application, offering tailor-made solutions for any project. Through this service and the company’s technical know-how, the development of the ALI4-P model has been possible. This linear actuator, in its DC motor version, is born by the specific need of a customer in the photovoltaic field: a product able to provide greater resistance to static load (that increases accordingly to the photovoltaic panel or the solar concentrator surface), and meet the very low speed required in this field, to maximize the whole system efficiency. The position of the panel or the concentrator, in fact, must be continually “adjusted” to maintain the sunrays perpendicular to the surface, optimizing the conversion of solar energy into electricity. The double reduction, given by the motor mounted parallel to the linear actuator body, allows for a considerable reduce the speed, even up to 1 or 2 mm/s, meeting those standards required in the photovoltaic field. At the same time, the mechanics characterizing the ALI4-P model is able to support a high load, ensuring greater resi¬stance also in case of difficult climatic conditions, first of all, the presence of wind. The match with an AC motor instead, allows having medium-high forces without renouncing speed, providing an efficient and versatile solution, suitable for different kinds of linear movement.
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