Custom design for linear motion solutions

Custom design for linear motion solutions!

Since 1987 MecVel plays a key role in the automation field, and its core business is the design and production of electric linear actuators. These devices transform the rotatory motion of a motor into a push or pull movement for loads up to 20 tons.

MecVel developed two tools for the configuration of electric linear actuators and mechanical screw jacks.

These two tools are meant to help the client in the product selection and configuration processes by making available relevant pieces of information or technical material. The idea here is to make the user able, often in complete autonomy, to model the chosen product to its needs. Perhaps sometimes, it is still required to ask for help from the MecVel sales team. In these cases, using these tools might still help to reach the relevant technical information quickly and easily.

The 3D Catalogue

The 3D catalogue includes all the 3D models of the MecVel products now on sale and all their custom options. A user can have access to this tool in two different ways. The first is to log in or register to the MecVel website and use the 3D configurator inside our restricted area. In this case, the user will be able to use the 3D configurator and download 3D models in the needed extension without leaving the MecVel website. Alternatively, the client can register to a thrid-party website (the service host) that works exactly as the website embedded configurator. The only difference is where your data are going to be stored after the registration. If the registration is made on the MecVel website we will be storing the data in our servers, if instead the registration is made on the Partcommunity website this company will be storing the registration datas.

The configuration form

When you struggle to find the correct configuration or need technical advice, you can contact our sales team to help you throughout the product selection. Filling out MecVel’s product configuration form you’ll be asked to indicate all the technical specifications required. This solution allows us to acquire all the data of your linear motion application from the beginning. And ensures the client a correct model selection, moduled specifically on the client’s needs. Click here for the product configuration module

MecVel’s sales team is always available for answering any questions and to support you from product selection to after-sales assistance. For any inquiry, please write to or to

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