Electric linear actuators for the medical industry

MecVel supports and supplies the medical field: electric linear actuators for several automations and linear motion solutions

MecVel offers its competences to medical and hospital industries, proposing advanced technologies for the linear automation field.
The company core business in fact is the design and the manufacturing of linear actuators, electromechanical devices converting the rotatory motion of a motor into a linear movement, to lift, position, push or pull a load.

Solutions based on patients, doctors and healthcare professionals’ needs

Solutions developed for medical and hospital fields have been created to satisfy patients requests, asking for more comfort, and doctors and healthcare professionals’ needs, looking for higher performance.
In order to meet these requests, MecVel electric linear actuators allow for an efficient and silent motion.

Applications for these linear motion technologies

These products are used in the medical industry, in healthcare and hospital fields, and these are some of the applications supplied:

Linear automation systems for incubators: the movement provided regards with the orientation of the cradle. It is also possible to vertically adjust the incubator position, for better handling of the patient. These systems allow also to increase the comfort level for the new-born through smooth and precise movements

Electric linear actuators for X-ray machines: movements can go from the vertical lifting in an orthopantomograph to the adjustment of mammography machines till the orientation of c-arms. These technologies offer a lot of possibilities in positioning, getting the most suitable way to perform the radiographic exam

Devices for ophthalmic and dental chairs: in this case the movement is of height regulation of the seat and of the backrest/footrest inclination. These devices are really easy to use for the operator, providing a higher comfort level to the patient

Electric linear actuators for surgery and veterinary tables: they are used to adjust the position of the operating table or other machinery used in an operating room. These solutions allow the medical staff to have a better position related to the patient, and this leads to advantages in ergonomic terms

Devices for rehabilitation machines (in physiotherapy and orthopaedics), stair lifts and motorized chairs: the linear movements regard the height regulation of the seat and the backrest/footrest inclination, in rehab as well as in motorized chairs. These systems control also the opening/closing of the final section of the rail used by stair lifts. Therefore, these technologies can offer more independence to the user

Other advantages offered by MecVel products

Customization service

Automations developed for medical and hospital fields have at their disposal a customization service which allows configuring each product according to the technical specifications of the application to which it is intended.

Silent and user-friendly linear motion systems

Electric linear actuators can be perfectly placed inside machines used by the medical industry, minimizing their overall dimensions without renouncing resistance and high load capacity.
The linear motion systems proposed are very reliable and safe: they are silent, easy to use and with a high quality-level.

Electric powered devices

One more plus is given by the fact that these devices use an electric system, which allows getting the power only when required, providing particularly effective and precise control.
Moreover, an electrically powered technology doesn’t need pumps, valves and pipes, avoiding the risk of contamination due to oil leaks, as required by the safety standards of sterile environments such as the healthcare one.

Great know-how for advanced technologies

Finally, MecVel has more than 30 years of experience in the linear motion technologies industry.
This grants customers great know-how, from development to manufacturing.
Care and attention for each detail allow to place on the market electric linear actuators with high performance, able to improve any motion experience.

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