How to choose the right electric linear actuator?

How to choose the right electric linear actuator?
Following a step-by-step procedure and with an online modelling service

A 360° tool for the electric linear actuator selection

How to find the right electric linear actuator and size it correctly? This is one of the first questions asked by every customer, and consequently one of MecVel’s primary purposes is to support him in any phase of product choice and development, to get the most suitable combination to meet his linear motion requests.

This is made possible by a great variety of products, that MecVel has collected in its most classic and frequently asked versions inside a digital and interactive catalogue, a real online configurator.

Configure electric linear actuators

The electric linear actuator configurator is integrated into the company website, and it can be found on every product page and, even more easily, in the restricted area for the website subscribers.

It is smart to use, allowing a step-by-step selection among the possible options until the desired solution for the application is reached.

The 2D/3D modelling service

The configurator includes the whole MecVel products range. Once the model has been chosen, consider the power supply, motor position (orthogonal, parallel or in line to the electric linear actuator push tube), force to be supplied according to the load to move, type of screw (acme or ball screw) and limit switches devices, then design and technical features can be furtherly customized.

It is possible to set a series of options such as speed, stroke length, voltage, encoder, potentiometer, anti-rotation, bellows boot, painting, safety nut, motor and e-box position, type and position of rear and front ends and also limit switches, according to MecVel offer.

After every new choice, the 3D preview gets updated to see in real time all the modifications and verify they comply with what is needed.

A smart and flexible configurator

This tool has been developed to offer to customers the possibility to model MecVel electric linear actuators very easily and on their own, to make a first selection and a feasibility assessment. Moreover, being online, it is available for anyone, without limits in terms of time and space.

Discover the products

The great flexibility of the configurator allows customers to know more about MecVel products, deepening the several options of standard configurations and related technical aspects, but in particular, they can immediately evaluate if the electric linear actuator can be integrated and meet the project specs.

Generate CAD and PDF Datasheet

The service includes the possibility to generate and download a wide selection of CAD formats and PDF Datasheets of the product chosen, reducing consistently the modelling time.

A fast reply from the system leads to an immediate verification in terms of correctness, compliance with application specs, and inclusion in a more complex project, allowing one to move to the next step, such as further customization of a standard product, a request of information to the technical department, or a quotation from the sales one.

Catalog always available

The products configurator is an online tool, always available, and this means that any customer can use it 24/7, confirming that MecVel linear motion technologies never stop.

At the same time, the company website is constantly updated regarding product news and kinds of applications, offering users a database of useful information and technical data.

The customization service

Together with the 2D/3D modelling service, MecVel technical department is involved in particular in further customization requests of standard products, offering dedicated and tailored designs, one of the main benefits that characterize the company in the linear automation market.

In this case, the key to the electric linear actuator configuration process is the collaboration with the customer to understand the application features, according to elements such as the industrial field, duty cycle, temperature and working environment, and how to solve them with an ad hoc proposal.

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