MecVel electric linear actuators and “smart working”: ergonomics and automation at 360°

The technological development trend is constantly growing, and this leads to giving great attention also to new fields such as home automation, ergonomics and wherever there’s a direct and automated interaction between man and machine, both in the workplace and in everyday life.

Applications in these fields, in fact, are asking to make “smart” the work and the most frequent operations, which regarding electric linear actuators means to automate linear motions usually in charge to operators.

Specifically, in addition to the role that these products have consolidated in robotics and logistics, with AGV, AMR, motorized arms and mobile robots, they are involved also in the ergonomic design of workstations, in home automation, in medical devices, and in naval and agricultural industries..

The electric linear actuator’s purpose is to allow to interact with the environment in a more functional way, improving working conditions or the performing of certain operations through the use of a product able to offer a tailored linear motion.

Electric linear actuators: why “smart”?

Home automation and ergonomics take full advantage of electric linear actuators features and potential.

These products, in fact, are extremely reliable and accurate in positioning, with a low-noise level, flexible but durable at the same time, powerful and compact if related to the force they can provide (up to 20 tons, according to the model). Moreover, MecVel customization service allows to configure each electric linear actuator in order to meet optimally the technical specifications of the application to which it is intended.

Then, the electric system is completely eco-friendly, as it doesn’t use oil or other contaminant agents, and is plug-and-play, so easy to handle and suitable for domestic use, in compliance with the industry 4.0 concepts of energy efficiency and sustainable production.

Electric linear actuators and home automation

Electric linear actuators and home automation meet both in homesand in naval industry: these products can control the opening/closing of hatches and walkways, the retractable systems for audio/video devices and tables, optimizing the space available, in particular in the dinette and cockpit, transforming the same environment from an operating area into a relaxing one.

In medical, rehab and healthcare fields, the match is found both in stairlifts and in motorized wheelchairs, with the purpose to increase the comfort and independence of the user.

In the first case, electric linear actuators automate the opening/closing of the final section of the rail used by the stairlift, reducing the overall dimensions when it is not powered. In the second case, they regulate the height of the seat and the backrest/footrest inclination on motorized wheelchairs.

Then, the shading systems automation allows having better control of temperature and on energy saving, setting the shielding in order to avoid overheating, excessive cooling and penetration of atmospheric agents.

Electric linear actuators and ergonomics

In terms of ergonomics in the workplace, the most “classic” use of electric linear actuators is with worktops in industrial kitchens, desks, and counters for raw materials processing or assembly in general.

These structures are adjusted in height by electric linear actuators, adapting them to the operator in order to increase his comfort and consequently his speed and efficiency in production.

The same MecVel assembly lines use their own electric linear actuators to support the operator, automating some pre-assembly steps and making the final mounting easier and faster.

This concept can be applied also in agriculture, to tractor seats rather than awnings on agricultural machines for fruit harvesting: having an adjustable workplace allows each operator to adapt to the space effectively, improving the quality of his job.

MecVel electric linear actuators are developed to integrate with the most innovative technologies, automating some linear motions happening during a man-machine interaction with solutions in compliance with market needs, for more info contact us!