MecVel Lime Line

From breeding and zootechnics to agriculture and the food industry: MecVel products can supply the whole industrial chain.


Let’s see how electric linear actuators can automate processes in order to make them easier and more efficient.

MecVel electric linear actuators’ versatility allows pushing, pulling, lifting, orienting, and positioning loads up to 20 tons in different industrial fields, as the electric system used is performing and eco-friendly, and not polluting as hydraulic or pneumatic ones.
With 35 years of experience, the company and its customization service offer tailored solutions, developing each product according to the technical specifications of the application to which it is intended.
For all these reasons MecVel can supply macro-sectors such as agriculture, breeding, zootechnics and the food industry, focusing on different handlings with the purpose to optimize them through a selection of dedicated products.
In general, the low-duty MecVel series is the most indicated, as usually it is preferred to have control and resistance with medium-high speed and quite low load (max. 10.000 N).
The range from ALI1 to ALI4 is particularly suitable because each electric linear actuator is oriented to a specific motion and fitted with a series of options to respond optimally to the application issues.
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